About Us


Pinwheels Nantucket is THE island destination for children's clothing, toys and fun.

Thirty something years ago I needed to find a way to live on this beautiful island forever. When I heard this magical children's store was for sale, I purchased it. The joy of watching generations of families come into the shop year after year confirms this was the right decision.

Over the years Pinwheels has evolved into a wonderfully curated collection of beautiful children's clothing and toys from all over the world.  Here you will find traditional and trendy for children of all ages.  

Online shopping with Pinwheels is part of our changing world. I know children's clothing sizing can be tricky. Personal shopping has always been a special service offered at Pinwheels. Our expert staff knows how each and every brand fits. We like to boast, 'we can talk you through anything. Always feel free to call with questions or gift ideas.

If you are on Nantucket please stop in at 32 Centre Street to see our complete collection. You will always find a happy, knowledgeable staff to greet you. We look forward to welcoming you either virtually or in person.

Continue the tradition  - or begin a new one.



This website is dedicated to Cotter
- my youngest worker bee! 
That is, as soon as she is
able to see over the desk!